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I'm Justin. I make websites and things that make websites work better.

Well, that's not all I do. But it's probably why you're here. However, for that select favored few of you who don't really care about that, there is fortunately a lot more on here than computer geek talk. I can't promise it will change your life, but I do guarantee that it will be more interesting than your Facebook newsfeed.

What I Do


I specialize in designs that communicate clearly and deliver tangible results.


I can help you streamline your business processes using magical computer languages.

Web Apps

Over the years, I've made a few web apps that make life easier for people.

What I've Done

Followell Fotography

Robby Followell is the best photographer in the state of Mississippi. It was only fitting that his online presence should prove this.

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Mississippi College

Confession: This is my day job. I've been working full-time at Mississippi College since 2008 as Director of Web Communications.

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Encounter Church

I met Robby Followell nearly six years ago, while I was interviewing for the position I currently hold at Mississippi College. Part of my interview included a campus tour, for which Robby was my host.

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Canvas Church

Canvas Church is a church plant in Victoria, British Columbia...aka, the most beautiful place in the world. Creating a site that was just as (okay, almost) as attractive was a lofty goal.

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City of Clinton

Having a personal interest in the success of a project always helps you to deliver an even better product. I was happy to hook my hometown up with something that represents them well.

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