Converting Formify Templates to Liquid Templates

Version 3.0 of Formify for Concrete5 is now out, with the biggest change being our switch to usage of the Liquid templating language for Formify view templates.

The reason for this switch is simple: more stability and flexibility when creating Formify templates. The previous version of Formify templates was created by yours truly, and while it worked pretty well for the most part, I'll admit that it wasn't bug free.

The new templating system makes use of the PHP port of the popular Liquid templating language that was originally written in Ruby.


The good news is that Formify's original template system was modeled after the Liquid syntax, which means converting your templates for use as Liquid templates will require very minimal changes (they may even be good to go already). The double-curly bracket format remains in place, which means all of your field value placeholders will remain in good shape.

The biggest changes are:

The formatting for these specific portions of your Formify templates is quite different, so you'll need to update your templates accordingly. There's also a plethora of other filters and control structures you can now take advantage of. You can view the full documentation for Liquid Templates on Github.