Don't Change the World

June 15, 2017

I used to want to change the world.  I still kind of do.  But I probably never will and I’m trying to not want to anymore.

That isn’t me being pessimistic or doubting what God might accomplish through my life.  It, to be honest, is reality.

Fortunately, I’m not called to change the world.

Obviously, the world is broken.  But our calling is not to fix the whole thing, or even a huge portion of it.  I once heard Liz Murray speak at a conference, and I think this statement of hers sums up my point: “We don’t have to solve the whole problem.  We just have to do our part.”

Doing our part is not nearly as glamorous or exciting as changing the world.  Biblically, changing the whole world is not even our calling.  Sure, some people are given the opportunity to have a global impact.  You or I may even have that opportunity. But our calling is to affect on individual human beings.  To love the world, not just as a whole “unit,” but as individual human beings.

This is an adjustment I must make in my life.  It’s not so much “how can I solve some huge problem that the world faces?” as it is “whose life can I make a difference in?”